Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Anchor Tattoo!

This tattoo is on my buddy, Brandon. This tattoo is a good example of a picture being worth 1,000 words. Brandon wanted some song lyrics about severing a rope that holds an anchor or something along those lines. We decided to just do a big ass anchor with a severed rope.

I'm really happy with this tattoo. Nice, big, traditional tattoo. Thanks for letting me do this on you, Brandon!

Lilly Tattoo

As much as people wouldn't think it, seeing as how I'm a dude and all, I always really enjoy tattooing flowers. They're bright, colorful, and naturally beautiful. A pretty good recipe for an awesome tattoo. I think this lilly I did is a pretty good example of what I like about them. 

The young lady who got this tattoo did an awesome job. We talked about maybe doing words and some other elements, but decided to just go with the flower. I think it worked out. Thanks, Karen, for getting an awesome tattoo! 

Hair Dryer/Scissors/Rose

Did this tattoo on my new friend Brigid! I thought we were going to do it in color, and when she decided to do it in black and grey with just a little color, I think that really made the tattoo way cooler. I give her all the credit for the idea!

Cool tattoo and a good time! Thanks Brigid!

Mom Cross

This tattoo was fairly small, but I really like it. Just really think it's a nice, clean, simple tattoo. Just the way I like them!  

Skull and Headdress

So I don't know if any of you guys have ever heard me say this, but anytime someone comes in the shop and asks me what tattoo they should get, I say, "Get a skull with a Native American headdress." Normally, people say that they don't want it. When I suggested it to Louie, however, he was totally down!

Fun times!


I posted this because... well... IT'S A BRAIN! Check it out!