Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Geometric Flowers

Did these awesome flowers on my friend Emily. Really fun tattoo. Had a great time doing it!

Skulls Skulls Roses Roses

Did this one a while ago on my awesome client Eric. 

Wolf Pelt and Skull

Did this one a while ago, but as usual, I've been a slacker posting here. Would love to do more stuff like this if anyone is interested!


Explosive items and skulls are two of my favorite things, and I mean in general. Fun tattoo!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

For my homies!

Memorial tattoo on my client, Mike, for a friend he lost. Just think it's a cool, original memorial piece, so I thought you guys would like it!


This tattoo is on an awesome client of mine, Chris. He wanted to get something for his parents along the lines of a heart, and I designed this for him. It's a little more intricate than just a plain heart, which makes it cool, but not too nuts that you get away from the original idea. Came out really nice! Thanks Chris!

Skull and screws!

This tattoo was actually designed from a piece of custom made jewelry. My client, Mike, brought me a pin a family friend had designed as a sort of crest for him and his family. I took the jewelry, and was able to use it as reference to create the design. Creative thinking by Mike, and a cool tattoo!